Christmas Trap Starter Kit


Christmas Trap Starter Kit


Not sure how to get started or too busy to get supplies? This kit is your solution to building a successful trap. It includes:
   - Wrapping Paper
   - Thumbtacks
   - Saftey Pins
   - Balloons
   - Motion Sensor Bird
   - Black Thread
   - Tape
   - Jingle Bells
   - Rope
   - Alarm Stickers

With this kit you can create the following obstacles:
- Black Thread Web
- Balloons and Bells
- Doors and Bungees
- Paper Barrier
- Deception
- Balloons and Needles

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We have built over 20 traps this year in preparing content for this site. With every trap, we had the kit nearby for quick access to supplies. We know this will be so helpful for your first year building a trap.