Traps of Christmas Past: String and A Baby Gate

This trap is from when I was 6 years old. I actually remember it pretty well. It is a great example of using what you already have in your home as obstacles. In this case,a baby gate.  

The trap was made up of string going in every direction. This was set up in the hallway outside our bedroom and the stairway down to the living room where the tree was. Right in the middle was a baby gate which proved to be the hardest part.

On any normal day,  I would have just swung my little body over the gate. But on that Christmas morning it had string interwoven into it, tying it to doors and the banister. It was impossible to take down. Sadly I was just short enough that I couldn't really step over it either. 

My sister and I took turns helping each other over the gate. I remember I held my breath as I went over it because I was so nervous. It is a great trap for those littles!