Traps of Christmas Past: Building a Trap Around a Teenager

This is a really fun trap! Building traps takes a lot of creativity, because you really have to taken in your surroundings and what you have around to use. I would say that most of the inspiration for you trap will be taken from the layout of your home at the obstacles you have to use. 

This example comes from my Aunt Lynette's family. Most of my Aunt's children have started families of their own, and so the traps have become more rudimentary for the toddlers.  One Christmas, when her entire family got together for a Christmas celebration at the cabin, the family decided that they were going to set a separate trap on Aunt Lynette's youngest son Taylor. He fell asleep in a big open room, with no doors or hallways, so it presented a problem for building a trap. 

The Cabin has about 10 of these sleeper chairs, and so they built a "fort" around Taylor. I can imagine that it would make waking up very disorienting. Then on top of the fort they piled several pots and pans to make his escape difficult. 


Merry Trapping!