Yarn and Untensils

Rating:  Easy
Supplies: Shower Rod, Yarn, Utensils

The shower curtain rod provides an endless list of trapping possibilities. Get creative and share your ideas with us below!

In our example, we used yarn, silverware, and metal measuring cups to create a curtain of weighted, noisy yarn. We hung the shower rod in the hallway, tied yard to the top, and attached a utensil so it was dangling right at the floor. We repeated until there were noisy, jangling utensils dangling across the entire hallway.

It’s not a hard one to beat. You’ll see in the video that a two year old figured it out pretty easily. And a pair of scissors is no match for this obstacle. So you will need to get creative. See suggestions below.

We love this obstacle because of the ease to set up but also just the feeling your children will have going through. Do you remember going through one of those beaded curtains as a child, it was this thrilling sensory experience – we were at a restaurant when I was younger and I remember walking through it, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth…until my parents dragged me away afraid it would break. This trap is one I’d leave up all day.

To make this obstacle easier...
1. Use fewer dangling utensils

To make this obstacle more difficult....
1. Use more dangling utensils
2. Attach bells along the yarn for more noise
3. Keep the shower curtain on the rod and hang the utensils so they can’t see them when they approach the obstacle. They will have to move the curtain without disturbing the utensils. Difficult to do when they can not see them. 

4. Balance some of the utensils against a balloon. If the balloon moves, all the utensil balances on it with clang. 

Merry Trapping!