Canned Goods Towers

Rating:  Easy
Supplies: Canned goods. A lot of them!

If you've got a good sized stash of canned goods, and don’t mind hauling them off the shelves, this trap is very simple. Stack cans on top of each other, 6-10 cans high. Stagger these towers across a hallway or other areas of a trap. Down a starrwell would also be effective. 

We used 3 towers deep, staggered, so it looks like 6 rows, and 8 columns across the hallway. 

Be sure the cans cannot be easily slid out of the way. If you’re doing this on carpet, you won’t have any problem. But for hard floors, consider attaching packaging tape to the bottom layer of the cans. Just this little bit of stickiness will solve this. You could also stick tape between some other layers. Will make this a noisier trap to pass through. 

To make this obstacle easier...
1. Wider spaces between each can tower
2. Shorter towers

To make this obstacle more difficult....
More towers closer together
2. Taller towers
3. Use packaging tape between layers

Merry Trapping!