Lego Pit

Rating: Easy
Supplies: Legos, Legos, and if you have them, more Lego’s

Many parents know how treacherous those tiny little bricks can be. One step wrong step in bare feet will have you wincing in pain. If you’ve got a good supply of Legos and are crunched for time, this is an easy obstacle to execute. Simply spread Lego’s across the path, and voila! You have yourself part of a trap.

Keep in mind, this obstacle isn’t too challenging to break and if can require a large supply of Legos. See video below. As you build your obstacle, consider the ages of your children, and what you might add to make it more challenging if necessary. Keep in mind the size of the space they will need to traverse. You don’t want them simply jumping over the pile, they can do that quicker than anyone could clean up the pile.

To make this obstacle easier...
1. Use fewer Legos.

To make this obstacle more difficult...
1. Use cellophane or wrapping paper under or strips on top so that can not simply move them to the side and step across.
2. Use on stairs where it will more challenging to clear the path.