9 Ways to Use Jingle Bells In Your Christmas Trap

If you haven’t already figured it out, we better tell you again, jingle bells are our favorite Christmas trap tool. They can be added to just about any trap, they have a festive tone to them, and are difficult to keep quiet. So here are 9 of our favorite ways to use them!

1. Balloons
This is one of our most recommended methods to use a jingle bell. They are loud as all get out, and short of popping the balloon there is nothing you can do about it!

2. Black thread or trip wire
Trip wires are not so bad to maneuver until you add a couple dozen jingle bells. The slightest movement can result in sound.

3. Attach to a curtain and hang in door way
Bells on the backside of a curtain hung in a walkway is a very difficult obstacle to pass by silently. It requires patience and a steady hand.

4. Attached to a cargo net and span an entry way
The great thing about this idea is the bungee material that most cargo nets are made out of. The smallest movements create an elastic vibration, which cannot be easily be quieted when enough jingle bells are attached. Especially if they are high and out of reach.

5.  Mixed in with another noise makers, such as grocery bags
You will often find yourself spreading things across your floors, just to add some difficulty to other existing obstacles. Whether it be bubble wrap, grocery bags, wrapping paper or Legos. While you’re at it, go ahead and add some jingle bells.

6. In a tiger trap! (A trip wire that will cause them to fall from ceiling)
Most jingle bells are small and cannot hurt when falling from the ceiling.

7. As part of your cup/can/bag barricade
Rest jingle bells on just about any barricade, or try to hide the jingle bells to be discovered when the escapees are trying to deconstruct a barricade.

8. On doorknobs
Hang jingle bells on the doorknobs to your escapees’ bedrooms, heck, why not put them on every door knob in the house!

9. Sprinkle them randomly on the floor.
In the dark, with so many obstacles, the senses of your escapees can be overloaded, and there is a chance that they will not see the jingle bell before it is too late. Nothing is more devastating than thinking you were in the clear and suddenly you hear a jingle bell rolling across the floor. 

Merry Trapping!