6 Ways Your Kids Might Surprise You

It is the Christmas Eve, the big day! I am sure your kids are talking about nothing but Santa and the Christmas trap! You will find them hiding in corners talking quietly, or perhaps mysteriously disappearing as they try to prepare for whatever you have planned. From the experience of long time Trappers we give you some hints of the types of things you are kids are going to attempt to get through the trap. You should keep these in mind during the building process. 

1. They are smaller than you think they are.
There are at least two traps that the kids won, because we were skinnier than my dad anticipated. The first was a clever trap on a staircase with saran wrap between the staircase banisters. But alas, we slid underneath with surprising ease.  The second trap was trip wire obstacle with black thread. Though it took some time to find the escape,  the trap was beat because we were smaller than my dad anticipated.

2. They will try to hide tools in their bedrooms
This is inevitable. Scissors, flashlights, screwdrivers, mirrors. My brother and I once removed every doorknob in the house in attempt to prevent my parents from locking doors.  Another year we spent several hours hiding the ladder in our bedroom so we could use it if necessary. You may choose to let them keep their hidden items, or you may choose to confiscate them.

3. They will try to hide outside of their bedroom
My uncle sept in the treehouse, I have a cousin who spent the night in the bathtub, my own father was once wrapped up as a gift! Your escapees will try to sneak the smallest members into your homes crevasses to hide them outside the trap. 

4. They will try to go outside
There wasn’t a single Christmas living in Arizona we didn’t try to go outside. The trap is hard, why not out smart it by going around it? We spent weeks scoping out alternative routes, including the attic. Trust me, if you have even mildly decent weather they will try to go outside. If you do not want them to go outside, then you must take precautions to prevent it

IMG_2821 (2).JPG

5. They will try to figure out what you are doing for the trap
As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the sneakiness of the Christmas Trap will begin. Your escapees will have secret meetings to plan their escape. Part of their plan will be to sabotage your plans. My little sister once found a huge pile of brown paper bags in the garage. She instantly recognized how unusual this was and made the connection. She disposed of the bags, and my parent’s plan was completely foiled. 

6. They will stick pennies in their door-jam
This is a maneuver that has been doing dozens of times in our family. To try and prevent you from locking them into  bedroom, they will stick pennies in the strike-plate with tape to prevent the deadlock from engaging. 

Merry Trapping!