Using Clues

Rating:  Hard
Supplies: Varies

Because it requires both quick thinking and quiet, stealthy moving, this trap can be by far the most memorable for your children. The clue based traps can be combined with other noisemaking obstacles, or the entire trap can just be solving the clues.

Elements to consider:
How the trap is beat? Where is the end ? Will it stay close at/around home or require a car?
Option 1: Christmas at home. In most traps, getting to the tree means the kids have beat the trap. However, with clues that keep you around your home and don’t involve booby traps, you will need to devise something else that signifies the trap has been beat. The last clue may lead to a wrapped present containing noisemakers to announce their win. Or maybe each clue will have a puzzle piece and once the puzzle is completed they have won. Or maybe there is a room in the home that you can lock the presents in. The clues lead to a key that will unlock the door and unlock Christmas.
Option 2: Christmas somewhere else. The clues ultimately take the children to a different location where they will find all the presents. It may be another family member’s home, like Grandma or Grandpas. Or somewhere else you have access to. Just make sure that the final location is not obvious. If it is, the kids may become annoyed that they are going through the motions of finding clues, when they know exactly where the final location is. This is stating the obvious, but to do this, you must have a child who is able to drive.

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To make this obstacle easier...
1. Keep things close to home.
2. Easy clues
3. Location of clues are easy to access (no climbing, or maneuvering, or moving things). The next clue is not hidden and easy to see.

To make this obstacle more difficult...
1. Use clues only certain children will know. We love this because it means the oldest child cannot solve everything themselves.
2. If it is safe, based on the age of your children, your neighborhood, and the weather, have clues that take them outside the home. It may just be within the yard, or it could be driving around town.
3. Include noisy obstacles they need to avoid. 

Merry Trapping!