Traps of Christmas Past: Surrounded by Mouse Traps

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not recommend that you use Mouse traps in your trap building, as they may result in injury! Please see our disclaimer for more information. 

Christmas morning came and all of us advanced through two of the three doorways that led to the living room where the presents awaited us. We crept through the kitchen that led to the entryway of the living room but in the dark I could vaguely see that there were several spots scattered all over the tile floor. On closer examination my suspicion was validated, mouse traps. I never thought that my mom would risk snapping our toes off on Christmas day. Can you imagine how crazy my mom would sound at the emergency room? "Ya my husband and I set up mouse traps around our house to make sure that our kids didn't start Christmas to early and now our child is missing his big toe." Upon this discovery, I turned around and quietly whispered to my siblings, "Hey, watch out for the mouse...SNAP!" 

I didn't even get my sentence off before the fury was unleashed. Apparently, not only were the traps on the floor but they were also sitting on the counter tops of tables and chairs, especially the one that I had just rested my hand on. Hurt like the dickens. My mom's rationale for using the traps was that rat traps were the dangerous ones, not mouse traps and one good snap of a mouse traps would probably be enough to wake her up. She woke up alright but it was the high pitched girlish screeching of my voice that did it.  

Merry Trapping!