Traps of Christmas Past: The Trap That Never Was...

Most families who start the Christmas Trap tradition have small children that are easy to out think and out maneuver. But before you know it, those kids have grown up. And with age comes creativity and ingenuity. Every trapping parent will have that year they just can't believe the great length their children will go to win. Here is the story of Nathan. It has become something of a legend among the Palmer family.

At 13 years old, Nate realized that winning the trap was more about pride than it was about presents. It didn't matter that he was a teenager in Jr High School, most of whom no longer get excited on Christmas morning. Nate still looked forward to Christmas morning, and the opportunity he had to outsmart his parents!

Around Thanksgiving, his parents announced that there would be no trap. They were just going to set the home alarm, and if the children dared to leave their rooms they would be caught.

Undeterred, Nate got to work. The alarm system was based on motion detectors placed in each room of the house. Whenever his parents were away from home, he would set the alarm and practice hiding behind counters and furniture in hopes of finding a safe path from his bedroom to the alarm panel. After a couple weeks it seemed impossible. He turned to the internet for help. 

After a little research, he discovered that motion detectors can be fooled if you move slowly, very, very slowly. If he walked painfully slow from his bedroom to the alarm panel. There he could disable the alarm, free his brothers and sister and be the hero of Christmas! It only took a mere 45 minutes!

Christmas Eve came, and after a month of practicing, he went to bed confident in his ability to beat the Christmas Trap once more. The next morning Nate stealthily managed the motion detectors and after about an hour, he reached the alarm panel and realized…

The alarm had never been turned on.   

Who outsmarted whom Nate? 

Merry Trapping!