Paper Barrier

Rating: Medium
Supplies: Wrapping Paper or other similar material

A wall of paper, hung from ceiling to floor; imagine your child opening their door Christmas morning and instead of finding the hallway, it’s a wall of red and green, with little snowmen staring back.

This trap may appear easy to escape, but paper is quite noisy. Even if they are prepared with a pair of scissors, cutting through it or moving it out of the way for all to pass through is challenging and time consuming to do silently.  

Paper barriers are easiest to hang on door frames, but can also be hung in hallways or stairways. Or all of them. After quietly passing through a paper wall, what if they then find a second or even a third barrier in the hallway. You’ve easily ensured yourself 30 minutes of sleep.

Wrapping paper is the easiest choice because most have it readily on hand during the season. However, alternative materials may include butcher paper, cellophane, aluminum foil, or trash bags.  

To make this obstacle more difficult...
1. Try attaching noisy objects (jingle bells utensils, etc) to the back side of the paper. 

To make this obstacle easier...
1. Use tissue paper
2. Leave a gap at the bottom that the escapees can slide under 

Merry Trapping!