Brown Bag Barricade

Rating: Easy
Supplies: Paper Grocery Bags

My first trap was at 4 yrs old. I woke and found an ominous tower of brown paper bags between me and the Christmas tree. Anxious to see what Santa bought but overwhelmed by the barricade, I broke down in tears. My parents coached me through that first year, helping me clear away the bags and break through to the tree. It wasn’t about stealth or sneakiness in those early years. It was just a fun way to start the most magical morning of the year. It taught me to have confidence. And it taught me that things aren’t as scary as they may appear. And as the oldest child, I learned to help and coach my younger brothers and sisters along.

Hallways are an ideal location for the brown bag tower because of the narrow width and side walls to support the growing tower. Depending on the quality and strength of the paper, you may need to double bag them to give the sides the strength to hold the upper layers.

To make this obstacle easier...
1. Make the tower short so younger escapees can reach the top level to break down the layers.

To make this obstacle more difficult....
 Make the tower taller than the escapee can reach. That will require them to use some creativity to break down the layers without them tumbling. They may have a sibling that could give them a boost. Or find something to stand on. 
2. Put something noisy inside the bag. They will learn quickly to remove the bags slowly and carefully. 

Merry Trapping!