Black Thread and Jingle Bells

Rating: Medium  
Supplies: Black Thread or fishing line, screw eyes, jingle bells, other noise makers  

One easy device to add Christmas magic to the trap is to turn off all the lights except the Christmas Tree. The dark adds difficulty and mystery to your trap. While the bright tree lights give a sense of excitement as the escapees approach the tree.  

A Web of Thread

A Web of Thread

With the lights dim, black thread and fishing line make nearly invisible booby traps. The thread can be used in a variety of ways that span all age levels. For example, the trappers may set up a trip wire which can be easily maneuvered by stepping over it, but only if it is seen in time. Or the trapper may create a web of thread that will require a higher level of dexterity to navigate.  The escapees will feel they are living their own version of The Entrapment as they try to find a pathway through the thread. 

Building your Web

Below are three recommendations on how to build your web of thread:  

Screw Eye

Screw Eye

1. Existing structures: Use banisters or furniture , but take care not to use items that may tip (such as a top heavy bookshelf) or be damaged (such as a vase) as it is very likely the thread will be nudged and we do not want any injuries. 
2. Tape or other adhesive: If it is dark enough, the escapees will not be able to see which threads are booby traps and which threads are harmless. Even with a flashlight, it can be difficult to trace black thread in the dark to it origins. Because of this you can effectively use tape to span thread between two walls or across a room.  
3. Screw hooks: For some of the noise making devices (see below), you will need something a litter stronger to hold the thread in place. You will also find that the screw hooks can be very helpful in creating more elaborate webs. Keep in mind that they do leave a small hole in your dry wall that will require repair later.  
elpful tip: If you want to avoid adding unnecessary holes to your drywall, try removing a photo already hung and using the existing hole to attach a screw eye. Or try using Command Hooks.

Booby Trapping Your Web

How do you make black thread make noise? 

1. Tie the thread to objects that can fall easily (without breaking). For example, tie a thread to a spoon, and set the spoon on a table, shelf, or other horizontal surface. On the ground below the spoon place a cookie sheet. When the thread is bumped the spoon will easily slide off the table and hit the cookie sheet creating a good deal of clatter. This principle can be use in a variety of ways. 
2. Tie jingle bells to the thread. This is possibly one of the most sensitive traps you can set. The smallest movement will result in happy little jingle noises that cannot be quieted easily. 
3. Set a Mouse Trap Buzzer with the thread. This will be discussed in more depth in a later blog post.  
4. Attach the thread to a light switch. The idea being that as soon as the thread is bumped a light will turn on, possibly waking the trappers and certainly scaring the pants off the escapees. This will also be discussed in greater detail in a later blog post.  

How to make this obstacle a little easier... 
1. Eliminate the noise making devices. 
2. Keep the thread low to the ground so it can be stepped over. 
3. Leave a gap near the floor so escapees can crawl under.

How to make this obstacle a little more difficult... 
1. Add more noise making devises. 
2. Use pots and pans, balance near tipping point.
3. Use fishing line instead of thread. A little more expensive, but infinitely more difficult to see in the dark.  

Merry Trapping!