About the Christmas Trap

This is our family’s most beloved Christmas tradition. Click Here to learn about its beginnings.


It began over 50 years ago as a simple trick to keep the children in bed longer on Christmas morning and has evolved into a parents vs kids showdown of stealth and wit. Our family has taken this to a James Bond meets Home Alone (without the injuries or damage to property) level of intensity. But your family can adapt it and make it your own.

What we love is that this tradition shifts the excitement and emphasis on Christmas morning from presents to working as a team.  

Whether it took one hour to prepare your trap or one week, whether you stay in bed or are up filming your kids as they go through the trap, this is a memorable way to begin the Christmas festivities.

How it works

1. The Christmas tree is home base.
2. Parents set up a series of traps and obstacles from the kid’s room to the tree.
3. If the kids can reach tree unnoticed and unheard, Christmas can commence!
4. If not…it’s back to bed, until the parents are ready to begin the day (maybe even waiting until after breakfast!)
5. Successful or not, it’s a memorable way to begin the day!

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About Us


Born and raised into the tradition of trapping, Kara cannot imagine a Christmas morning any other way. 

Sharing this idea with the world has been a dream of hers for years. But before making it a reality, she was able to graduate in chemical engineering and work with semiconductors for a few years. She is now taking some time to raise her two children.

Her favorite pastime is off-roading and hunting for ghost towns and mine shafts with her husband. But she also loves music, and making new friends.

Her life motto is to live life with Joy!


While she didn’t grow up with traps on Christmas morning, she did grow up in a gigantic family which always made for the best Christmases. Having an older sister with mental disabilities who always believed in Santa meant that the magic of Christmas never disappeared.

This website has been a fun and creative outlet, something her work in accounting doesn’t typically (ever) provide.

In her life before becoming a mom, she worked as a CPA, loved travelling, and running marathons. She knows that she will have more time for them again in a few years! She loves keeping her life simple and filling it with rich experiences instead of things.